Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank you!

A big thank you to Margaux over at Tentenknits for the yummy sock yarn she sent my way. I know exactly what this yarn is destined to be... I just have to get through the millions of other projects first. Sigh.

Mmmmmm.... yummy koigu!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life in Progress

It seems as if everything in my life is in progress right now. I am surrounded by things half-finished. I've taken a break from the efforts to take a few pictures...

In progress #1 - Painting the guest room. This room was a bright spring green with a blue ceiling with a lovely mural of a hot air balloon. Perfect for a little boy. Not so perfect for my guest/craft room. Several coats of Kilz and Behr later I have an almost finished room. Just need to do that pesky trim.
In progress #2 - Den. My grandmother very generously bought us a new couch for our den/man land. Now I need to put the feet on it, hang drapes, clean and actually decorate the room. All by March 8th! WOOT!
In progress #3 - Baby blanket. It's a joint project with a friend. Let's hope the squares can be blocked into the same size.

In progress #4 - Cabled jacket. Sigh. So pretty. Sooooooo slow. Maybe I will be able to wear this next winter.

In progress #5 - Bird in Hands mittens. Because it is still freaking cold here. I left Florida why?