Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The ugliest baked item in the world

Ta da!!!

This is the crapola created for me by the Publix bakery. Hey stupid girl in the bakery - you suck!!!!!!!

This is not the lovely baby shower pull-a-part that I ordered.


Wicked progress
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I think I will name several posts this. I tend to rip a lot. Last night I pulled out the Lady E for some long deserved attention. I could have sworn I was making it with size 9s. But the first rectangle looked too tight compared to the prior work. So I switched to 10s. Closer but, well, I'm just a better darn knitter than I was several months ago apparently.

So while on the phone with Sara in one of our marathon phone sessions, I ripped that entire puppy out. The whole thing. And I'm starting over with Size 9s for a denser neater fabric. I got a whopping 3 triangles done before I fell asleep!

In other news, my modified/copied Wicked (based on this lovely mod by Flint Knits) is moving along. I have added the same panels of cables down the front that she made, but because I am a glutton for punishment and I knit so much better in the round I have added 5 stitches and made a panel of 7 ready for steeking. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said steeking. I, a mere novice knitter, will send up a prayer to EZ, gaze at the instructions of Eunny, and fortify myself with a shot of whiskey and of Brooklyntweed and cut my knitting.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh la la!

Oh la la!
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I did it! I made a sweater and it is wearable! Despite it totally not looking great with black pants, I wore it in to work today after creating a complete mess looking for the perfect bottom to wear with it. I was just that excited to wear it. But seriously it looks like my closet threw up all over my room and I still had nothing to show for it. But then I put on some jeans and forced the DH to take dorky pictures of me outside. So, here is me with my knitting bag that is full on old lady sized, and our vain attempt to recreate the Knit and Tonic picture. Yes, the dog is on the wrong size but you try getting my Annie May to sit. I love her, but she is not the brightest dog ever, let me tell you.

Pattern: Flair by Knit & Tonic
Yarn: Blue Sky Organic Dyed Cotton in Toffee
Needles: Knit Picks options Size 8 US
Mods: Added 2 inches to length, still a bit short

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flair is so freaking close

I almost have my first sweater!!! You would not believe the difference that putting that collar on (last step) makes for the whole sweater. It looks so much better.

I am going to block it to try to give it just a smidge more length. I am convinced the pattern is wrong... it says that I should knit 7 inches from the underarm to the seed stitch border (1.5 inches). But then the garment from neck to bottom should be 18.5 inches. My ass. Mine is barely that and I added 2 inches on (so I did 9 inches from underarm to border). I still have plenty of yarn left over (a whole skein plus some!) so if anyone makes this go ahead and make it as long as you need without fear.

Photos soon. I have informed DH of the importance of doing a complete photo shoot for the purpose of my knitting blog. He is not convinced.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Goodbye, my friends

Yes, I cried like a baby. Yes, I snotted all over the place. Huge blubbering tears and tons of tissue. And although I will miss them, that was quite possibly the best series finale ever.

Monday, May 14, 2007

On the edge

Flair with collar started
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Well, the collar edge that is. I can see the finish line. I've picked up the stitches for the collar and made it in 3 rows. Now we just hope that blocking makes me like the way this looks on me.

Baby Bunny Hats

Bunny hats
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So many friends are having babies this year that as much as I would like to make up cute 3 piece sets, I just can't. So instead they get hats. Here are 2 bunny hats for two different mommies.

Pattern: Baby Bunny Beanie
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Needles: Knitpicks Size 9

Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh woe is me

I am grumpy. Take a huge heaping helping of work stress, add in a bitchy coworker, and then sprinkle in some lovely smokesmog and you have one grumpy Kate. I have been working quite hard at work, getting lovely reviews and then one person has to go and ruin my week. To counteract this I attempted to blog about the cuteness I created last weekend, but no. The batteries on the camera have died and I am photo-less. You will have to take my word that bunny baby hats are adorable.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Shameless Plugging

I have to give a well-deserved plug to Sarah's Yarns. I am a new customer and bought some yarn on sale a few weeks ago for the Chevron. Well, I realized I am dumb and needed 4 skeins. She has stopped selling Artyarns but to help me out sent, free of charge, a good 3/4 of a skein that she had used to make color cards. It is more than enough for me to make the scarf. Free shipping as well. Plus, she is incredibly prompt with her service and shipping. It was so nice to have personalized service during online shopping.

She also offers try before you buy services - allowing a knitter to make a swatch before purchasing! My LYS won't do that!

I will definitely shop with Sarah again. Thanks a lot!

Sleeves are slow

Sooooo slow. When will the cotton work be done?!?! My fingers hurt.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Flair and Chevron progress

I traveled to Detroit and other parts of Michigan this weekend, so I managed to get in some airplane knitting time. Brought along the Chevron scarf, which I ripped out completely and started again at the gate alternating two skeins of the same color to help avoid pooling. As you can see, pooling is still happening, but I like it quite a bit anyways.

Flair sat at home, but I haven't posted an updated photo, so here is one. Now that I am home, I'm going to finish up the sleeves and the collar, then block and pray the length is long enough.