Saturday, February 3, 2007

Apple pie, anyone?

I am so darn proud of myself! I managed to learn stranded colorwork and the magic loop yesterday! Thank you! This is the first FO for a gift for my friend Tracy. Shh! Luckily her internet connection sucks, so she probably won't make it on here to see. It's a bit rolly, so it's now safely blocking to help out with that. Here are some pictures before and during blocking.

Pattern: A total Ann Norling knockoff that I feel a bit guilty about plus a leaf from Janelle knits

Yarn: Elann Peruvian wool in Pottery Red and Celery

Inspiration: A beautiful hat Sandra made for her soon to arrive bundle of joy

A special thanks to Sandra for helping a random knitter to find the pattern and make a great gift!

Now I'm just waiting for the sweater pattern to arrive. The yarn that arrived for that is absolutely gorgeous and I will be saving my pennies to be able to get enough of it to make something for me. Also, my Patons SWS arrived yesterday so I will soon be able to start work on Lady E! It is absolutely beautiful and very soft so I can't wait to work with it. The yarn for Wicked should be here soon as well. I am one happy knitter!


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Anonymous said...

Love the hat! I think it would look so cute on anyone! Tag you're it!!! check out my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous hat! i love the red apple :)