Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Never ever trust my lists of projects

I am seriously a huge flake. I have a designated area for my stash and I really want to keep it that way. The basket is already overflowing with yarn that really is being used (Lady Eleanor takes a lot of yarn, people!) Last year when I was a new knitter (it seems so long ago!) I planned to make myself a felted bag. In cream. Oh how boring. I'm sure it will come out nice and that after doing a bunch of complicated stuff I will be happy to make something nice and simple. But for now, I need complicated. I need challenge. And grandma needs a birthday gift. And I need to get rid of 5 skiens of Patons Wool Merino in cream.

Enter Wandering Aran Fields. It's a gorgeous cabled capelet that I think would be great to do but might never get worn. Who would wear it? Grandma who is cold constantly would love it. She has a birthday in April. A wool capelet in a gift in April? Grandma keeps her house at like 90 degrees. Trust me, she'll wear that bad boy all summer.

Yay. Problem solved.


fickleknitter said...

Lady E is gorgeous! The yarn you chose is perfect. For your stash, do you have a spare room? :)

Joan said...

Kate, I love your idea for your gran's merino capelet. I love everything in the Scarf/Wrap Style books. I'll be knitting them all summer & it does get chilly in the a/c whether in your house or out other places in the summer. It's a great project--go for it! (But still work on your Lady E too.)

tiennieknits said...

Cool capelet. Don't you just love it when you want to knit something that you don't want to wear but you can give to someone else?

Leila said...

I keep 2 baskets for my yarn! Half of them I haven't touched in months. I know the feeling.