Wednesday, February 28, 2007

America is full of hate, and it breaks my heart

Last night Largo, FL officials voted to begin the process to fire Mr Steve Stanton, city manager of Largo, because he is a transgender individual. Mr Stanton expressed his intention to begin living as Susan as part of his process to become a woman. Hundreds of Largo citizens turned up at the city meeting last night, but ulitmately hate and bigotry prevailed.

I cannot begin to imagine what Mr Stanton and his family are going through. One has to feel enormous internal conflict to want to begin such a difficult journey. I'm sure this is very difficult for both him and his family. And it is made worse by people who hate him simply because he makes them feel uncomfortable or because they think it is weird or wrong.

I see people do things I find as weird or wrong every day. I certainly don't understand Mr Stanton's feelings. However, I am lucky enough to feel comfortable in my skin. I have never doubted my gender. So imagine feeling uncomfortable with something that for the rest of us is at the core of our being. He has obvoiusly had to make a very serious decision and should never be mocked for doing what he feels is necessary for him to feel like a whole person. It doesn't prevent him from doing his job. It doesn't mean he has been a bad city manager. It simply means that he is a human being in need of our understanding and support.

I cried last night because of the hate displayed still in this country. It makes me so sad that people continue to preach hate, when love is so much easier and more wonderful of a path to follow.

Please know Mr Stanton, you have a supporter in me.


Ashley and James said...

I'm horrified by the story, it was a bit of a topic around the office this morning.
You're correct, hate takes up so much energy. I hope in those of us sane enough not to act in such a manner we can help change the world and influence future generations.

tiennieknits said...

That's terrible! I feel for him and others. I'm a live and let live kind of person - as long as it doesn't harm others. I don't understand this hatred. Sad.

CWH said...

I was upset by this, too, Kate. I'm hoping he can help set new legislation that makes it illegal to terminate employment based on changing gender. Nothing has changed about the way he does his job.