Friday, June 20, 2008


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Ok, so apparently my girl time last night helped me to feel a bit liberated and today I felt strong enough to take on the slut shirt.

The shirt I am wearing in this photo was the one I wore on what turned out to be the last day of my first marriage. I was married for months afterwards, legally, but that day is now clearly the end. In a last ditch effort to have fun together my ex-H and I went to a baseball game. I had only a few minutes to change so I kept the pink 3/4 sleeve button down and white tank from work and just put jeans or capris on the bottom. And before we left for the game he told me that I looked slutty.

My self esteem at that time in my life was so low that I totally internalized the comment and completely associated that shirt with me being a bad person. Although the lighting in my messy closet does it no justice, it is actually a very pretty, very girly pink that looks quite nice with my pale skin. Other than the fact that it is mildly fitted and shows that I am indeed female, there is nothing slutty about this shirt. There is nothing slutty or bad about me. But despite how much my life has changed for the better I've never been able to wear this shirt.

Until today. Go me.

I'm still here!

I hope some of you are!

Knitting has been slow. I've settled into Detroit something fierce and I've been actually too busy to knit. Add on a wrist injury and there isn't that much knitting happening. This weekend I hope to sit down and knit.

But, last night there was partying. My friend S and I are apparently the youngest Billy Joel fans in existence. We must have looked like a pair of silly co-eds to the rest of the folks at the opening of the Windsor Caesar's last night, but we had a blast!

Here we are taking a picture of ourselves in the bathroom. Later we got a nice gentleman to take one but it makes my arm look like a giant sausage so bathroom shot it is!
And here is the man himself. Very good show, just missed out on some of my favorite songs. But then again, almost every song is my favorite and I sang along like a maniac. My poor sister also received several phone calls full of music because I would get all excited about a song we used to sing in our childhood.
In this last shot you can see the head on the right of the lady who turned around, slapped my knee and shushed me. Yeah, grandma... I was at an 8th grade dance when I learned to line dance to We didn't start the fire, and I wasn't born when most of his big hits came out, but I know all the words by heart, even most of the obscure songs and so you can kiss my ass with your grandma perm.

Woot. We had a blast.