Saturday, March 1, 2008

Reasons I love Detroit, Part one

Reasons I love Detroit, Part One... Ice Skating in Campus Martius. Weatherguy and I had date night in Mexicantown, followed by a few sloooooow turns on the ice.
See? Slooooooow. But we got the hang of it and had a fantastic time. There is a DJ and lights and the whole thing had a bit of a "roller skating in 8th grade" feel to it, which was great. I didn't get to do teenager things with my husband, so it was a great feeling to hold hands with him as we attempted not to fall. The rink was filled with a large mixed group, including a group of very well behaved teenagers who were smiling and laughing and aglow with that rosy cheeked look that comes from having fun outside during the winter.

Campus Martius is a beautiful gathering area in the city, reopened in 2004. To quote blogger Rob Goodspeed, the park is "an unqualified success". Campus Martius was originally a much larger park, a part of designer Augustus Woodward's grand plan for the city of Detroit. It is also the center of origin for Detroit's mile system, so to get there suburbanites would have to venture a full 8 miles south, deep into the "wrong side" of 8 mile. During the 1900s the park was lost due to reconfigurations of the roadways to allow for more traffic. It reopened in 2004 and is surrounded by the Hard Rock Cafe, Compuware and many other office buildings.

And, it's just down the street from another downtown favorite spot, to be featured soon.

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kidpal said...

Looks like fun and I'm jealous that you have such a nice place to skate. Next time I'm there in the winter we need to go!!