Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reasons I love Detroit, part 3

Canine to Five. While in Florida I had a lot of options for doggie day care, training and boarding. I didn't feel like those options were as available when we were living in the Detroit suburbs. Then I found Liz Blondy of Canine to Five. She has set up a huge doggie day care business in the heart of Detroit, bringing a great business to the Cass Corridor.

My dogs love to go there! Annie absolutely looses her gourd when she figures out that it is day care day. Even Duke, who hates the care more than anything, will jump in when he sees Annie's excitement. He manages to find a girlfriend there every time.

And of course, Liz is the one who gave us Duke. She's the one who let me adopt that cute, skinny little puppy who is now a big strong baby who still needs hugs.

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