Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm insane

Yes ladies and gentlemen. I am even more insane than you thought. Why? Because after buying a fabulous top at LOFT (on sale of course) I decided that I need to have a super sweet capelet to go over it. It will make for the perfect NYE outfit. I will be adorable.

So I screamed and cried at it last night, but finally found help on the internet. (Thank you other knitters!!) And I then spent the entire day today plopped on the couch working on it. Mine is knit in a very different yarn so it is a bit different, but....


Thursday, December 21, 2006

I NEED this

Fucking fabulous, no? Apparently this very talented Etsy seller BandAmy makes it. I hate her for her talent and creativity. I do believe that I will put her work up on a pedestal and attempt to make my own. I'm sorry, Amy. I have the need to craft. I do not have the money to buy your crafts AND fulfill my need to keep my fingers constantly moving in some sort of knitting motion. I believe I am truely addicted. But it's a good addiction, right?

Last night I had a total breakthrough and now I think I can begin to do more complex patterns. Bringing me one step closer to that fabulous bag. I am working on a very pretty green wool scarf for my wonderful friend and fellow shoe and wine lover, Jenny. Jenny owns a freaking lot of scarves. So many that one might call her a bit of a freak. Her scarf addiction is good for me because I can make her a lot of gifts that are secretly practice items for me. After Jenny's green scarf I am going to make a scarf for Renae, my other boozy friend. I hope she will wear it. She is a bit tough for scarves.

Then I want to make myself a fun fur collar/shrug thingy. It is here on page 19. The blue one with the ribbon, but I want it in brown. How the hell will I use that in Florida? Trust me, dahlinks I will find a way. I also want to make the purse on page 15. The striped one, but probably not in stripes. That catalog had better arrive soon. I need patterns, damn it!

Friday, December 15, 2006

So, I've started knitting

And I have to tellyou I am on a quest to make knitting cool. Promise. I know there are a lot of cool patterns out there that have already done that, so I'm just going to follow in the footsteps of those folks.

Anyways, here are my two first projects.

This is a very simple but very soft scarf. I absolutely love this yarn. I'm sending this one to my SIL, but I will be getting some of this for my stash to make something for me.

This is my first felting project. It's a bag for the older of my two younger sisters.

I still need to sew it together, but that won't take too long. I think it came out alright, but I learned a lot.

Comments appreciated.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

I was shamed

I went to a party at my friend Jenny's house this weekend. The woman baked like a maniac. Seriously, the spread that she had was just ridiculous.

I am shamed. My parties do not have a spread like this. I am lazy in comparison. However, I do not have to bake for days. Also, I don't get sore legs from standing in the kitchen. I suppose it is a tradeoff.

It was very yummy, and I will be stealing some of her recipes and posting them soon.