Thursday, December 21, 2006

I NEED this

Fucking fabulous, no? Apparently this very talented Etsy seller BandAmy makes it. I hate her for her talent and creativity. I do believe that I will put her work up on a pedestal and attempt to make my own. I'm sorry, Amy. I have the need to craft. I do not have the money to buy your crafts AND fulfill my need to keep my fingers constantly moving in some sort of knitting motion. I believe I am truely addicted. But it's a good addiction, right?

Last night I had a total breakthrough and now I think I can begin to do more complex patterns. Bringing me one step closer to that fabulous bag. I am working on a very pretty green wool scarf for my wonderful friend and fellow shoe and wine lover, Jenny. Jenny owns a freaking lot of scarves. So many that one might call her a bit of a freak. Her scarf addiction is good for me because I can make her a lot of gifts that are secretly practice items for me. After Jenny's green scarf I am going to make a scarf for Renae, my other boozy friend. I hope she will wear it. She is a bit tough for scarves.

Then I want to make myself a fun fur collar/shrug thingy. It is here on page 19. The blue one with the ribbon, but I want it in brown. How the hell will I use that in Florida? Trust me, dahlinks I will find a way. I also want to make the purse on page 15. The striped one, but probably not in stripes. That catalog had better arrive soon. I need patterns, damn it!


Goyette said...

Dude, I can't wait for a scarf. And that bag is awesome.

Jenny said...

Jenny owns a freaking lot of scarves. So many that one might call her a bit of a freak

Love you too, bith.