Thursday, March 6, 2008

A miracle

A miracle happened at our house last night, and we weren't fast enough to grab a picture.

Went upstairs to get ready for bed. Duke likes to believe that he is not going to be crated, so he lies on the rug next to my bed. I turn on the light and there he is and right next to him, calmly laying on the rug, is Hermione. That's right - the cat.

Now both cats love Annie, the lab, but Annie was here first, and is much older and calmer than crazy puppy Duke. The cats like to kiss Annie and bathe her ears. She'll even give them a big sloppy kiss in return. But they both smack Duke across the snout on a regular basis.

And while Weatherguy went to grab the camera... Duke nuzzled her and put his snout down on her paw. And there they sat, touching, until WG arrived ready to snap the photo.

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