Monday, February 26, 2007

Progress pictures!

Got in a good amount of knitting time this weekend, so I've been able to move ahead on both of my major projects. The yarn from is
nice to work with, especially for the price, and I adore the color. The Patons SWS for Lady E continues to be heavenly, with the exception of these three rectangles of red that have showed up rather unexpectedly. Not a fan. But overall I still adore the Lady E. I'm about 9 tiers in so far. I've also made progress on my first grownup sweater, Wicked. The neckline is below. I have made it just one row past the pattern and I'm about ready to start the increases. Yay! Of course, by the time I finish it will be way too warm to wear in Florida, but my office is cold so maybe I can sneak it in just once.

I also heard that at the shower this weekend the baby sweater was a hit. I do hope she likes it. I've got to get started on more baby gifts soon. If only my friends would slow down with the reproducing!!


junior_goddess said...

Git down wid yur bad self! Your Lady E is looking good. I wouldn't worry too much about your red'll probably have a few more surprises before you finish!



I kinda like the little red splotch. It adds character. lol Your Wicked looks fantastic! The color looks really relaxing.

Joan said...

Love, love, love the Lady E with the red surprises. As bets said, you'll probably see more before the end so go with the flow.
Which colorway is I love it.

Go Kate!!

Anonymous said...


I LOVE the Lady E!!! I can't wait to become as fabulous a knitter as you are! So far, I've made a potholder....LOL!


Anna said...

Wicked will look great in this color. I am using a solid color yarn for my second Wicked as well. It is such a great pattern. The 3/4 sleeves did not need any modifications. I just kept on knitting until I had the length I wanted. I first thought I would have to decrease a few stitches but I did not need to.
Now I am finally swatching for the Cable top raglan.

Lisa W. said...

ya gotta go with the flow on the won't be sorry and the red bits will give it a little contrast, a little's really looking lovely! And wow...hey, i love how your Wicked is coming along too...keep it up!