Thursday, February 1, 2007

New list of projects

This post is mostly just a way to keep myself organized. But, if there are any nosy people out there who want to know what I am planning and whirring in my head, read on.
  1. Finish Renae's keyhole cable scarf
  2. Cable purse
  3. Gift for supah cool friend's baby
  4. Wicked sweater
  5. Lady E/Danica wrap
  6. Endpaper mitts for me because my office is cold
  7. Sweater for Mr Purlygirly
  8. Start Christmas gifts
  9. Eris sweater

I have no desire to knit for other people at the moment. Right now I want to make some shit that requires me to push my skills forward, and then I want to wear it.

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