Saturday, February 17, 2007

Math Geek, me?

I am not a math geek. I used to be. I used to be the strange child who begged her mother to create logic and word problems for me to solve. Then calculus sucked the life out of me and math became lame. But I have a little bar graph on the side that shows my progress, and I am now working on a project with a known number of rows. The Lady E has 36 tiers, plus fringe. So I am saying it has 37 things to complete. Therefore each row I complete is approximately 2.7%. Now I can update my little graph and feel mathmatically happy.

So I started on the Lady E last night in earnest. I cast on using 10s, and then because interchangable needles are the coolest thing ever, I started knitting using 9s. Ooooh. Interchangeables are cool. I've got enough that I can understand why others experience Lady E fatigue, but I'm still facinated with the fabric that is growing from my needles. I'll finish up this tier (almost 9% done) and then go back to finish up the baby sweater.

I have to tell you about Patons SWS first though. It's so soft. And it was absolutely made for entrelac. I'm using Natural Earth. Sigh. Gorgeous. Progress pictures soon.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your Lady E! I love SWS, and the Earth is my favorite colorway.