Sunday, February 18, 2007

I hate the color I bought for my first sweater

All excited to at least swatch for Wicked, last night I pulled out the green yarn I bought for Wicked. I hate it. It is way too bright. It is way too green. It's not something I would actually wear.

Oh the trials of buying something over the internet. I think I will give in and buy a shade card and also pick up some of the same color I used for the EZ baby sweater in a heavier weight. I love that color and would wear it.

So, in the name of stash management, I vow to make froggy hats and socks, dragon scarves, etc for all the wonderful kids in my life. Because I will not wear froggy green.

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fickleknitter said...

There's a great swap board on knitty's coffeeshop, if you really hate the color. I personally have a large amount of fire engine red merino that ought to be burned in the backyard.