Thursday, March 1, 2007

I am the slowest knitter of all time

Nothing is moving forward. Nothing. I completely blame the AI chat girls who distract me and force me to drink heavily. (Every time Randy says Dawg or Pitchy, Paula dances and if Simon is especially insulting - so I am tipsy by the end!) I think I managed to get in two whole rounds on Wicked during AI last night. 2 rounds! Ridiculous.

And, I am sorry to say that I have a social life for the next three nights. Expect little to no knitting until Sunday. But next week I will make up for it. I am chaperoning a robotics event with my husband the teacher/advisor. I get to organize our schedule and activities before we go and then sit in the stands and cheer and knit, an assignment I am absolutely suited for. Organize, plan social events, cheerlead and knitting. That pretty much sums up most of my talents.


Leila said...

I'm even slower! I know I won't get anything done this weekend though. And I'm starting that tank over for the millionth time.

Joan said...

LOL on the AI drinking game. Being plastered is the only outcome if those are the rules. LOL.