Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am NOT in the knit from your stash in 2007 group

Obviously, since I just totally added to my stash last night with a purchase of Cotton Fleece for Rusted Root. I have the pattern, and the desire, and the yarn was $14. You can't beat a sale like that. So, now it will be stashed until I get to it, which is driving my husband nuts. Now since I have told him I will make his sweater so that he has it in time for actually wearing it and not before that, he wants socks. Socks he can wear now. I think DH is starting to realize that I'm not half bad at this and he wants some goodies.

And yet he wants me to keep the stash small. But seriously, I have no sock yarn. Most of the yarn in my stash is for actual projects. I have a bunch for the things that I have on the needles, then the yarn for Flair, some black worsted wool that I will make myself a purse from eventually, remnants enough to make another baby apple hat and some random crappy stuff that everyone seems to pick up in their first months of knitting before we learn about good yarn. Guess I had better start shopping for sock yarn!



Hooray for expanding your stash!!

fickleknitter said...

Places to hide your stash:
In the couch cushions and pillows
In tampon boxes
Is your wedding gown in a travel bag? Stuff the bag with yarn!

Not that I'd condone hiding your yarn habit or keep the actual size of my stash from my significant other...