Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Proud Member of the Liberal Elite

Oh yeah, baby. That's right. We may be moving to the midwest, but I am still a proud, snobby, elitist New Englander (and we all know that when they say liberal elite, they're bitching about us). And why shouldn't I be? Of the top 5 states for public education, 4 are in New England. (#4 is New Jersey, and we all know that I have a special love for New Jersey) Despite my husband's claims that U of Michigan is the greatest school ever, I still maintain that Boston is the absolute Mecca for education. We have great beer. (Colorado, you are still special in that regard, but we have much better pubs that are withing walking/T distance and we dress better.) We know enough to wear a lot of black. We're comfortable enough to welcome all types of love to join into the institution of marriage. And we're chock full of die hard libertarian/progressive/unitaritan style blue blooded liberals. Amen.

PS - Do not let my current FL location fool you. I hate it here.

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CWH said...

But, some parts of Florida love you !! :) next time you want to knit and drink margaritas you'd better CALL ME!!