Sunday, April 1, 2007

Finally! I can call myself a knitter again!

At least a knitter who finishes things. I finished up my mystery project, which I am sure Jenny has guessed is her birthday present. It's fabulous and I can't wait to post pictures. And after a weekend of the husband being away I have managed to make some terrific progress on Wandering Aran Fields. I've finished the body and I'm making the button bands both at the same time. It's even more full of cat hair, but I know I'm not the only knitter to have that as a nice little feature in her knitting, so I'm just planning on giving it a good bath and a once over with some tape to pull it all out. I think it's mostly Hermione's since she likes to stick her head up inside the circulars and snuggle. How can you resist the snuggling though?

I'm pretty excited about WAF though. It just looks very cuddly and soft and still elegant - just the way cables should be.


Jenny said...

I am so SMRT. I just figured it out last week. Bah.

CWH said...

That turned out SO GORGEOUS, Kate !! Love it!