Thursday, April 26, 2007

Too short? Just right?

So I am working away on Flair. I have bound off the bottom and started the sleeves. I tried it on... and it's too short. Or is it? I added an extra 2 inches onto it before starting the moss stitch border, and the husband still claims it looks dumb. But, the work-friends, who had me try it on today, all claim that it is just right. I will finish it up, block it a bit, and then post pictures here for my 2 whole readers to decide.

And, I'm a bandwagon jumper, so I've started on the chevron scarf. Mine is a very muted colorway and I am not switching between 2 yarns, so it is quite different than the ones posted on Flickr. I might buy one more skien and switch yarns to help it out, but I can't decide. Ehh.


amanda said...

cant wait to see flair. PS - I think you probably have more than 2 readers!

Joan said...

Kate, I'm not sure which yarn you are using on Flair but don't forget that blocking will add length. Svetlana ended up ripping out 2 days of work on her dress because it was too long after blocking. Just FYI.

a friend to knit with said...

Yes, show us flair!
It is true once you block it, it may be the perfect length.
I too started the chevron.....can't wait to see yours!