Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Flair and Chevron progress

I traveled to Detroit and other parts of Michigan this weekend, so I managed to get in some airplane knitting time. Brought along the Chevron scarf, which I ripped out completely and started again at the gate alternating two skeins of the same color to help avoid pooling. As you can see, pooling is still happening, but I like it quite a bit anyways.

Flair sat at home, but I haven't posted an updated photo, so here is one. Now that I am home, I'm going to finish up the sleeves and the collar, then block and pray the length is long enough.


tiennieknits said...

Your chevron is gorgeous! The flair is pretty too!

a friend to knit with said...

I love the colors in your chevron!

Looking forward to seeing your flair finished!

Joan said...

Love that chevron! BTW I see that Lady E remains at 35% progress. LOL. Has she bored you too much?