Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wicked progress
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I think I will name several posts this. I tend to rip a lot. Last night I pulled out the Lady E for some long deserved attention. I could have sworn I was making it with size 9s. But the first rectangle looked too tight compared to the prior work. So I switched to 10s. Closer but, well, I'm just a better darn knitter than I was several months ago apparently.

So while on the phone with Sara in one of our marathon phone sessions, I ripped that entire puppy out. The whole thing. And I'm starting over with Size 9s for a denser neater fabric. I got a whopping 3 triangles done before I fell asleep!

In other news, my modified/copied Wicked (based on this lovely mod by Flint Knits) is moving along. I have added the same panels of cables down the front that she made, but because I am a glutton for punishment and I knit so much better in the round I have added 5 stitches and made a panel of 7 ready for steeking. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said steeking. I, a mere novice knitter, will send up a prayer to EZ, gaze at the instructions of Eunny, and fortify myself with a shot of whiskey and of Brooklyntweed and cut my knitting.


amanda said...

good luck with the steeking! I am not brave enough to try that - I have plans to make FlintKnits' lovely modified version of Wicked too, but I will be purling!! keep us posted with how it goes.

ps, your post on that cake cracked me up!

Michelle said...

Knit on Sister! I hope you'll post pics of your steeking.