Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flair is so freaking close

I almost have my first sweater!!! You would not believe the difference that putting that collar on (last step) makes for the whole sweater. It looks so much better.

I am going to block it to try to give it just a smidge more length. I am convinced the pattern is wrong... it says that I should knit 7 inches from the underarm to the seed stitch border (1.5 inches). But then the garment from neck to bottom should be 18.5 inches. My ass. Mine is barely that and I added 2 inches on (so I did 9 inches from underarm to border). I still have plenty of yarn left over (a whole skein plus some!) so if anyone makes this go ahead and make it as long as you need without fear.

Photos soon. I have informed DH of the importance of doing a complete photo shoot for the purpose of my knitting blog. He is not convinced.

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