Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I must, I must

I must increase my bust. Remember that Punky Brewster episode? Margo convinced Cherry and Punky that cheese puffs help increase bust size because they are full of air. Man I loved that show. I think my sister really wanted to be Punky. It definitely inspired some fashion disasters in my childhood of which I am not proud. (Purple fake converse high tops anyone?)

Anyways, I must, I must, I mush finish up some WIPs! I've been stressing about next Christmas for months now. I am a ridiculous planner and if I need time to chill I will make lists about the future. Basically I've had Jenny's Christmas gift planned since February, but of course no yarn purchased or knitting done. And then my H has no knitted items so he deserves one. Renae, Sara, MIL,& FIL are all the types to appreciate knitted gifts. I think SIL likes them, so I'll try to work in something for the kids. Aaack! How am I supposed to knit all that?

So to do this I am going to work on one item exclusively on my WIP list until it is done. Then I will work on one secret item and one bloggable item. H doesn't read this and he sits next to me while I knit, so I can show off his. MIL reads, but she can be trusted not to tell anyone else in the family so I only have to keep hers a secret. And of course, I have more mommies to be to knit for, so it is a good thing that I recently acquired Itty-Bitty Hats. What an adorable book!

As far as knitting progress goes, before my one item only resolution I managed to get Wicked down to the underarms and put it all on waste yarn. I tried it on and it is fabulous, and a bit sexy even. Small, not puffy cables are fantastic on the chest, ladies. But, Chevron is the closest to being finished and thus it gets worked on first.

Pictures soon.


Joan said...

Kate, I am doing one Christmas gift per month til the big day. That gives me time to be distracted by other projects. I get you tho'..on top of Christmas, I have 5 birthdays in Oct/Nov. Ack.

Carrie said...

Watch out! After the underarms is where Wicked gets boring--all that stockinette, mine has been stalled for months.

You asked in a comment on my blog about the lifeline I'm using on my Print O' The Wave Shawl. I put them in every three or so repeats, just the way you thought--a tapestry needle through the stitches while the yarn is on the needles, after the last row of a repeat. For this pattern, the last row is all purls so the stitches are nice and consistent. The only tricky part is that you have to thread the tapestry needle UNDER the stitch markers, or the markers stay on the lifeline--that's the rookie mistake I make with the first (ahem) two lifelines I put on, it was a pain. Fortunately, I haven't had to use my lifelines, but I am really glad that they are there if I need them. Sorry this is so long--I'm a little punchy right now!

Faith! said...

Oh dear. You just reminded me that I have both Wicked and the Chevron scarf on the needles! I totally forgot!

a friend to knit with said...

yeah! Can't wait to see wicked!