Friday, June 29, 2007

Moving day is almost here!

I cannot wait to get all of those boxes emptied and feel as though my world is in order again. The entire house is a messy maze of boxes and random items waiting to be packed. And of course we move to Michigan planning to move again (into a house we will own!) in 6 months or so. I just have to remember all of this chaos is worth it.

Despite the packing, Wicked is still moving along as it is the only item not boxed up. Just an inch or so more and I start the bottom ribbing. Then the sleeves will be started. I'm not too impressed with how the yarn looks over large areas of stockinette - it looks almost uneven in random spots and I know my tension is very even. I hope blocking will help.

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Joan said...

I am dizzy at how fast you are moving! Good luck with all!