Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wicked ready for sleeves

Wicked ready for sleeves
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Well, the apartment is mostly unpacked, the new job has been started and I am finally getting around to posting the progress I made on Wicked - the Cardigan on the drive up. I attempted to pick up an extra size 7 circular last night so I could make the sleeves on two needles but didn't make it to the knitting store in time... so I've been working on Christmas gift #1 instead.

I miss blogging and I miss even more reading blogs. I feel quite disconnected. But, internet access at work is highly limited and monitored so it will just be limited time at home to catch up from being gone so long.


benne said...

"Wicked" looks wicked. Good luck with your new job, move, and finding all your knitting stuff quickly. This move sure has happened fast!

Missy said...

wooo hooo look at you go!!!
I'm glad the moving is moving along ;)

CWH said...

I miss you already !

Joan said...

That's a wicked Wicked, as benne said! I can't believe you've up & moved at such lightning fast speed. The only thing worse than unpacking is PACKING, and you did that already.
Hope all is well up north here with the rest of us. Better skip those summery sweaters and get cracking on some warm woolies! ;-}