Monday, August 20, 2007

Awww yeah baby

Apparently Joan thinks I rock. I have fooled her into thinking I am spontaneous. If only she knew what anal retentive list maker I really was. My dear, I have already picked out the color for my craft room/office in my not yet purchased new house.

At any rate, I nominate:
  1. Missy. I met her through her sister and adored her right away. She kicks serious ass. Not only is she very creative with scrapbooking and knitting, she's recently won a huge award for being a kick ass producer.
  2. Jackie. She moved and completely uprooted her life to study the coolest major ever. Plus she has made being in Michigan very nice.
  3. Alice. Dirty mind. Enough said. Not so much dirty on the blog, but I know the truth.
  4. Fickleknitter. Her shawls are stunning and she is one hot babymomma.
  5. A friend to knit with seems more like a rocking lady blogger because she is so ladylike and the things she makes are so darn pretty.

I would have liked to nominate Michele because she lives in JP and kicks serious ass, but she has already been nominated. I'd also love to have been able to nominate Tiennie because she has FINISHED THE COBBLESTONE PULLOVER ALREADY! You make EZ and Jared proud.


Joan said...

Rockin' list-maker over here too. ;-}

Missy said...


Thank you, darlin'!!
I do appreciate it :)
and I think you kick ass too :)

tiennieknits said...

Awwww thanks so much!!! You're pretty rockin' yourself!