Tuesday, January 23, 2007

WIP update

It's amazing how quickly I've become just like every other knitter out there. I have 3 pieces in various states of finished-ness at the moment. I was so close to finishing Jenny's scarf, but I ran out of yarn so I started on the needle case for my MIL. And after running out on that one I started Renae's scarf. Now MIL's needle case has been felted and I am so close to finishing the last cable. I'll head to the store for buttons for that and more yarn for Jenny's scarf later this afternoon.
Until then, crappy photos of my works in progress. First up, the Kable needle case for my MIL:Not looking too bad. Still needs blocking on those cables but it will be done soon.

Next is Jenny's Irish Hiking Scarf. I started this as the basketweave scarf from SnB Nation, but hated the stiffness. The cables have really helped to soften up this yarn and I'm much happier with how it looks now. One more ball of yarn and a few hours should finish it up. Too bad it's Gasparilla weekend or it would be complete by Monday. Maybe it still will be... I have all day Sunday to recover and knit.

So if you look carefully you can see this is a modified version of the IHS as well. It was just way too wide with 3 cables, so I took one out. Still lovely and very soft. Those little flecks that are barely visable are beads. It's pretty but the yarn swallows up the cables. But, I have no idea what else to do with it other than boring old garter stitch so I will keep on going.

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